Valentine’s Day & Heartbreak

Hey Friends! If you didn’t hear, I started a Youtube channel a week or so ago.  I just uploaded my newest video which is all about Valentine’s Day! Did you realize Valentine’s is just around the corner!?! Crazy huh?!? Come watch me put together a V-day inspired outfit as well as chat about heartbreak and the one person who will never let you down. Plus, I have the cutest little guests that will make an appearance! 🙂




Longing for Days Gone By

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The other day, I spent some time with Emma looking through my most precious keepsake from my Grandma who passed away a few years ago.  It is a book she put together for her high school senior project in 1949.  She chose fashion as her theme for her project and inside the book she pasted numerous magazine cutouts of styles from that era including hair, casual wear, evening wear, lingerie, shoes, etc.  It is such a special treasure I will always have.

Something struck me that day as I fingered through the pages. Continue reading “Longing for Days Gone By”

Baring my Heart

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Sometimes I struggle with feeling like I don’t quite fit in.  I don’t really belong to the group of single people but at the same time don’t quite fit in to the married group of people.  You see, I have been separated from my husband these last three years. Sometimes I feel a lot older than my age…well I have the grey hairs and the beginnings of wrinkles to go along with it 😉  Granted I am only 28, but I feel like I have already lived a whole life being single, then married, and now separated.  It’s a weird feeling and hard to describe to someone who hasn’t experienced this path. Continue reading “Baring my Heart”

Molly’s Gift Guide


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I have never done a gift guide on my blog, so I’m excited to do something new!  This year, I wanted to share with you some items I have that I love, or items I have been eyeing this year.  If you need a little help with your Christmas shopping OR your own wish list, then I’ve got you covered! I’ve even included coupon codes to help you save which means I pretty much have done your shopping for you 😉 Continue reading “Molly’s Gift Guide”

Thanks Living

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We’re going into the chillier months in the PNW which means a lot more time indoors for me.  One thing you all have to know about me is that If I’m at home, I’m usually wearing comfy pants and not jeans. In fact, I went through a phase (like a year!) where I never wore jeans after having Cole! Now I own (ONLY!) two pairs of blue jeans because comfy pants are definitely my #1.   I recently got these steel blue crushed velvet pants from PinkBlush and Oh my goodness, they are SO cute, and I was happily surprised with how soft they are. Continue reading “Thanks Living”

Fall Cozies from Cedar & Pine

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What else speaks fall than a slouchy sweater and beanie?!? This dusty rose knit and burgundy beanie are from the cutest local shop called Cedar & Pine.  The other day, I had the opportunity to check out this boutique in Stanwood, Washington.  I pretty much wanted to try on everything in the shop! They carry trendy clothing pieces as well as home decor (and even seasonal decor!).  Continue reading “Fall Cozies from Cedar & Pine”