How to Have a Happy Closet (Part 1 of Style Series)


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My goodness!  I have been meaning to get this up sooner, but the sickness I thought was out of our house, decided to hit me.  It was definitely not a fun one. I was on the couch with the kids binge watching “Dr Quinn Medicine Woman.” Am I the only one who loves that show from the 90s? Well, I’m hoping that with spring here and hopefully the weather changing, we will have no more sickness! Whew!

On to the first part of my style series. (If you didn’t read my intro, then stop and do that first!)  I titled this “How to Have a Happy Closet” because often our closets are NOT a happy place. They can be an exploding mess of chaos and sometimes we wonder if we should even dare to enter! Continue reading

My Style Journey (Intro to 3 Part Series)

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Hello there lovelies!  Hope you are all enjoying this month of March.  It’s been quite a busy last few weeks for me, and now I’m getting back into the swing of blogging.  Boy I missed it and missed you all!

First about this outfit.  Aren’t the colors fun?!? I love the black and pink.  I’m not into super girlie or floral styles, but I love how pairing these blush pants with black makes it more chic and grown up. This Lands End jacket was a score as my mom passed it along to me when she didn’t want it anymore. It’s an amazing quality and of course my forever 21 suede booties just go with anything.  They are for sure a staple item. But onto the BIG NEWS! Continue reading

I Didn’t Know How to Love

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I just had to share another post in light of Valentines tomorrow. I love this holiday. Can you tell? Well, I wanted to share a little journey I’ve been on the last 7 years. Maybe you can relate and connect with my story.  Hopefully it will encourage you, especially those of you who are not particularly excited about tomorrow.

When I first got married at almost 21, a reality hit me. I realized that I didn’t know how to love someone. I began to see that it was more than a feeling more than an emotion, but I still didn’t know what it truly meant. Continue reading

Your Perfect Pink Valentine’s Lipstick

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Well, we are just a week away from Valentine’s Day, and I thought it would be fun to help a sister out and give you 5 pink lipstick options to wear for the big day. Don’t worry I’ve got you bold lippie girls covered as well as you girls who love a good nude shade. I have a thing for pink lipstick and went through my collection to find the ones I thought would be perfect for Valentine’s Day. I don’t know why, but there’s something about how gorgeous and feminine a pink lipstick can look.
Here are the colors I picked. Are you excited to see which ones I chose when there are a sea of pink shades out there?   Continue reading

Faux Leather Look & A Call to Pray

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It’s a new week, and I’m really having more fun shooting some outfit of the day photos.  This was my Sunday church outfit.  The kids and I drove by a school to snap these fun shots.  We really do “drive by” photos with Emma snapped in her carseat taking photos through the open van door.  It’s quite the crack up, but she doesn’t like getting out when it’s cold.   Continue reading

8 Ways to Save Money on Makeup Products

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Hi Lovelies! I’m staring off 2017  on Lovely You with a post that I’m really excited about! I think this will be a helpful one. I hope!  We all like saving money and especially on makeup products. They can be so darn expensive and many of us just can afford to spend a lot on this area of our lives (Any other hands raised??).  So for this post, I’ve rounded up eight ways you can save money on your makeup products. Let’s dig in! Continue reading

Christmas Photo Shoot


Merry Christmas lovelies!!! I am so excited to share with you all our Christmas family photos we had done by Christina Knightley.  She did a fabulous job, capturing my little squad’s quirks, goofs, and love we have for each other.  I’m linking her photography Facebook page for you all to check out.

It was a chilly, chilly Sunday when we took these photos and the kids were troopers. Continue reading

Makeup for the Busy Woman {Maskcara Beauty}

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Today I’m going to share with you all about a makeup company that will rock your world when it comes to applying makeup (no joke!).  Let me tell you, getting to do a sponsored post with Maskcara Beauty was like a dream come true! Seriously! Especially after I watched this video which is so sweet and touching.  I knew you all would totally connect with this company like I did.

Continue reading

I’m Sorry

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Hello lovelies!

So I have had this post in my “draft” section for a while now because it’s a little different for me and written in a poetic style.  But with the holidays fast approaching, it’s the right time to share, and I think you’ll see why. Let me warn you-what I’m sharing below may encourage you, but it may also touch a sensitive nerve. It may hurt your pride (like it did mine) to realize you’ve been doing what I used to do (what I still do at times). So with out further ado, here we go: Continue reading

Getting to know 4 inspiring women

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 Hello Lovelies!  I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving, and if you decided to go black friday shopping, I hope you survived (ya’ll are crazy, just saying).  I had a nice time at my parents house for thanksgiving, and Emma said, “This is the best thanksgiving ever!”  So in my book, it was a good one! Plus I did a little bit of online shopping at home, feels good to get some Christmas shopping done.

My last post I shared with you my story of starting my Lovely You business and how I faced my fears. Today, I wanted to continue along the same topic by introducing to you some other women entrepreneurs who I have had the pleasure of getting to know. I met Brittany when we were bridesmaids in a friend’s wedding.  I got to know Amy when my sister married her brother.  Anja and I went to Bible school together in Oregon.  Jennifer, I met by stumbling across her Instagram and found another blogger friend.  

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