My Vacation Beauty Products


This summer I was thrilled to have the opportunity to take my kids to Lake Chelan in eastern Washington for a few days.  Some friends of mine have a condo there, and they graciously let me use it!  It was a beautiful location and needless to say, the kids and I had a blast.

 In the 90’s everyday, and close access to a pool and lake was quite amazing!  My daughter had such a great time that she cried when we left, and I didn’t want to leave either!

On the beach at Lake Chelan which was in walking distance from our condo.

I thought it would be fun to share my favorite products I brought with me on this trip.  I always have fun seeing what other ladies are using, and with summertime here, it’s the perfect time to share some things you may want to bring with you on your next vacation. Here they are:

Sun Bum 50 SPF Sunscreen.  A few days before we left,  I was browsing on Amazon for a sunscreen for the kids.  I knew I wanted something with more natural ingredients.  The design and label of Sun Bum caught my eye (I’m always a sucker for great packaging/labeling).  It made me think of a surfer from the 70’s with it’s yellow lid and wood design on the bottle. The sunscreen had great reviews so I bought it.  After using it on the kids, I wish I would have bought it in 30 SPH for me to use as well!  I love that it is paraban free, hypoallergenic, and gluten free.  It also doesn’t leave an oily residue, and I think the best thing about this sunscreen is it smells like coconut.  And who doesn’t want to smell like that on vacation?!?  It’s like a yummy lotion and sunscreen combined.

Melanie Mills Hollywood Gleam Body Radiance in Rose Gold.  This is a shimmery tinted body lotion/makeup.  I first saw this product at a hair show I went to last spring.  It is a tinted lotion that once you put on your skin, makes it look slightly warmer and shimmery.  It definitely has a golden glow (so it may not look that great on someone with a more cool, fair skin tone).  My two favorite ways to use it are on my arms, legs, and chest to make my skin look less pale and dry and also as a primer on my face before I put on my foundation (which produces a full coverage look.)

Wearing Gleam Body Radiance as a Primer, Arbonne Foundation, and Pink Suga’ on my lips (with a gloss over it).

Before my trip, I had put self tanner on, and ehem, let’s just say it was “patchy” around my knees and ankles.  The lotion evened out my tan as well as gave me more of a glowy look.  I also recently used this lotion on a bride who needed to cover up her tan lines for her strapless dress, and she loved it!  It is transfer resistant, so you don’t have to worry about it coming off on your clothes.

 Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation with 15 SPF.  I have this foundation in the shade Soft Blush and let me just say, this is an amazing foundation.  It doesn’t contain parabans or gluten.  I love how light weight the product is but goes on in a medium to full coverage.  I’m not a big fan of using a tinted moisturizer in the summer because I struggle with acne.  So no matter what the weather, if I’m going to wear makeup, I want good coverage.  It was nice to not have to put sunscreen on my face during my vacation because my foundation had me covered with it’s 15 SPF.  My friend Allyson is a consultant for Arbonne if you are interested in purchasing this.  Email her at

Wet N Wild Mega Last Lip Color in Pink Suga’.  If you have been following me on IG, you know how much I love these lipsticks.  They are affordable, long lasting, and a beautiful matte lipstick.  Seriously, if you don’t have any, go get one (or maybe all 😉 If you are a neutral or warm toned girl, Pink Suga’ is a great nude color.  I wore it multiple times on my trip and probably would have been just fine if it was the only color I packed (yes I did bring all my lipsticks with me!).  I have worn it alone or dressed it up with a peachy gloss. Either way it’s beautiful.  I like to wear it with a bronzed face and golden eye makeup look.

Wearing Postcards From Paris Polish on my trip and yummy coffee in hand!

Morgan Taylor Nail Polish in Postcards from Paris  Another one of my favorites is Morgan Taylor nail polish.  I just love their colors and Postcards from Paris is such a fun milky teal color.  It’s one of those colors that although it’s bright, you don’t have to worry about it clashing with that many colors in your wardrobe (unlike maybe red or orange).  I just love
how it’s such a happy color.  Packing your polish with you on a trip is a great idea because then if you get any chips, you aren’t stuck with that for the rest of your vacation.

My two babies & I enjoying the sun and sand.

There you have it!  I hope you had fun checking out some of the products I enjoyed on my trip!  This vacation will always be a special memory for my kids and I.  It’s so nice to get away from the normal routine and have a change of scenery.  That’s always good for my soul!

Where are you headed this summer? And what products are a must-have in your bag?



4 thoughts on “My Vacation Beauty Products

  1. Love this Molly! Way to kick off your blog! 🙂 I seriously want that shimmery body lotion now. Of course I subscribed, and I can’t wait for your next post. Loves!!


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