Stitch fix & enjoying shopping again.


I opened the box and each piece was neatly wrapped in tissue.  I fall hard for beautiful packaging, and in this box were five hand picked items for me from Stitch fix.

I have always wanted to try out Stitch fix.  This is a company that has been around for awhile.  If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s an online company made up of stylists who shop for you.  You fill out a style profile of your size, taste, and wants.  Then they send you five pieces.  They sell clothes, bags, shoes, and jewelry.  You pay an upfront cost of $20 to get your box sent which is applied to any pieces you keep.  The nice thing is you can send back, in their pre-paid envelope, anything you don’t want.  So you get the idea that this is a super convenient way to shop, and that’s why I decided to finally try it out.  Let me give you a little background…

I have always loved Forever 21, and I still like them even though the name is a little more depressing now that I’m getting closer to thirty!  Ha! But after a few bad experiences-(the last one in which my shirt shrunk down a whole size after drying it once)  I realized that maybe it was time to try something a little different.

Another thing, it’s extremely difficult to shop for clothes and really focus when you are bringing two small children in tow.  All you mommas out there know what I mean.  There’s always that joke, “Shopping is my form of exercise” but with kid’s it ain’t no joke.  No more slowly browsing through aisles looking at everything.  It’s more like grab a few things, and try them on as fast as possible before one child (or both!!!) have a meltdown.  So these were the instigators for me finally deciding to try Stitch Fix.

For being a person on a really tight budget, I wasn’t sure if the prices would be affordable.  I put in my style profile that I wanted as cheap as possible.  They do say on their site, the average price per item is $55.  The items I got ranged from $48-$68.  So they are definitely not “cheap” but your paying for convenience of time and how simple it is to shop this way.


Here’s the first item I got, a green cross body bag.  I personally am not a huge fan of green right now and the style was too small and simple for me.  It was not something I would pick out and for $48 the price was a lot.


This dress I received ($64), was sent because I requested a dress ahead of time! I had a wedding to go to this month and thought it would be nice to not have to hunt one down.  Sadly, I couldn’t keep it.   It didn’t really feel like my style and was a little tight in the arms.


This outfit I really liked! The top ($48) is so so soft and comfortable.  The pants ($68) were a great color, as I’m in love with grey, but a little bit big in the waist.  I kept the top because it’s one of those staple pieces that can be worn with anything.


The last thing I received was this open front vest ($48).  Again, I love the color and the fabric.  I think it’s really pretty how it lays and so I kept it! I can wear this all year long-from summer with a tank or with a long sleeve top in the winter.

One thing I loved was that I was able to try the items on multiple times and even try them on for my mom to get her advice.  That was definitely a huge plus for me especially because these items were more pricey!  I wanted to make sure I kept what I really liked.

A few thoughts from my experience with Stitch Fix:

  1.  I won’t be purchasing from Stitch Fix often because of the prices.  But I would definitely like to do it again in a few months as a treat!  It really brings back the fun of shopping as a busy mom giving me freedom to take the time to enjoy the shopping process.  Plus it’s all from the comfort of my home (any other homebodies out there?!?)
  2. If you are wondering what the quality of the clothes are, someone compared them to Marshals.  I think that’s a pretty accurate description. They are very nice, but you’re not getting designer quality. If that bums you out, remember you aren’t just paying for the item but for the convenience of the service.
  3.  I read that the more boxes you get, the more they tailor to your tastes.  It sounds like you have to be pretty diligent giving feedback and sharing what you like and don’t like though.  You’ve got to be involved in the process.  Also, try to be really detailed with your style profile (I forgot to check the box that I didn’t want anything green, hence the green bag).  If you get a really amazing box, you can always request the stylist that picked out your clothes to continue to style all your boxes.
  4. One thing about the $20 upfront fee you have to pay, is that it did affect whether I bought something or not.  I felt committed to buying at least one item because I didn’t want to waste that $20.  So keep that in mind if you decide to order.
  5. If you decide to keep all five items they give you 25% off your total order which is a really nice deal!  If I had kept everything I would have saved $69!
  6. You don’t have to receive a box every month.  You can if you want to, but you also have to option to schedule a box whenever you would like to receive one
  7. If you refer a friend to Stitch Fix, you get $25 in credit once they order their first box.  Pretty sweet huh?  If you want to sign up for Stitch Fix, you can use  this link to use my referral code.  Thanks for helping me add to my closet if you do!

What are your thoughts about Stitch Fix?  Would you try it or have you tried it?

I hope you all have a wonderful week and enjoy these last few days of summer time.

xoxo Molly




2 thoughts on “Stitch fix & enjoying shopping again.

  1. Great review, Molly. I’ve seen their advertising and thought of trying them. I think it sounds like a great service for moms with kids or working women who all don’t have lots of time to shop, or women who may just not like shopping.

    Great review and honestly everything looked cute on you so they did a good job with that part of it.


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