A Hair Tie On Hand {Bela Bracelets}


I have broken many hair ties in my life.  Blame it on my crazy thick hair.  I have never liked the thought of one snapping on me when I’m out and about.  Then I would have to go around with my crazy, frizzy, dented hair.  And it’s a scary sight you guys.


Bring in Bela Bracelets.  This company has solved both my problem and the tacky, hair tie around the wrist look.  That’s just not cute.  Bela Bracelets make metal bracelets with a groove to hold a hair tie in them.  This way you can have a cute, stylish piece of jewelry and a hair tie in one! Brilliant huh!?!   I kind of wish I had come up with this design, but leave it to the two creative sisters who brought about Bela Bracelets.


The bracelets are a beautiful minimalistic style that’s really in right now.  They come in rose gold, silver, and gold.  I’m picky about always wanting my jewelry to match what I’m wearing, but these will pretty much complement anything. Plus the metal design really has a good quality feel and look to it.  The bracelets I am wearing here are the grooved and scalloped designs.  Aren’t they pretty?

image1 2.JPG

Bela Bracelets has been so gracious to collaborate with me on this post and what’s even better is, they are letting me share the love with you all!  In the next few days I will be doing a giveaway on my instagram account to give one of my followers a $30 credit towards shopping at Bela Bracelets.  Isn’t that exciting!?  And for those of you who just can’t wait and want to order your own bracelet today, there website is here: Bela Bracelets.  They would even make a fabulous gift to a friend or family member with the Christmas season approaching.


Thanks for letting me share with you all about this amazing piece of jewlery!  This was a fun post to share and to style all the photos.  My wonderful momma took the pictures for me when we were on vacation last weekend.  Oh to still be on vacation 🙂  Thankfully the weekend is fast approaching, and before we know it, Saturday will be here.  Have a great rest of your week!












4 thoughts on “A Hair Tie On Hand {Bela Bracelets}

  1. Great job of blogging, sweet girl. What a delightful idea. I have short hair and would never use these for ponytails, but they are absolutely darling and I would wear them just for fun. Plus I have daughters and granddaughters all blessed with a thick mane…and they ALL run around with elastics on their wrists. Christmas shopping…here I come!


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