I’m Sorry

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Hello lovelies!

So I have had this post in my “draft” section for a while now because it’s a little different for me and written in a poetic style.  But with the holidays fast approaching, it’s the right time to share, and I think you’ll see why. Let me warn you-what I’m sharing below may encourage you, but it may also touch a sensitive nerve. It may hurt your pride (like it did mine) to realize you’ve been doing what I used to do (what I still do at times). So with out further ado, here we go:

{Before I went through suffering, I didn’t know how to care for my friends when they went through deep hardships.  Now that I have gone through so much, my eyes are open to this embarrassing fact.  I wrote this letter for those friends of mine and maybe this will enlighten those who haven’t experienced great suffering.}

Dearest friend,

I’m sorry.  I’m sorry for saying stupid things to you.  I’m sorry for wasting your time by filling your ear with cheap, trifling words of comfort.  Words that could only, at the very best put a tiny bandage on your gaping wound.  And at the worst, they ripped off an even deeper gash into your sunken soul.  Who was I to try to understand or speak about what you were going through?  Me, someone who hadn’t experienced any heavy sorrow, who didn’t understand the mystery of grief and all it’s twists and turns. Throwing out Bible verses and little coined phrases, did nothing.  You really didn’t need to hear anything of earthly solace.  What could heal your soul would be of a heavenly nature, whispered to you in the stillness of weeping nights.

What was the best I could do?  It most surely was nothing pertaining to the use of my tongue.  No, it could only have been from my hands and feet, seeking to meet your daily needs.  Needs that are often neglected when your emotions overwhelm your entire being.  Filling your stomach or scrubbing your floors, was the only way I could attempt to be a spotlight of hope.

For then, maybe then, you would have heard my actions say something of significance.  These words your entire being was so thirsty to hear:

I see your suffering.

You are not alone.

There is hope.

Redemption is coming.

These words holding such a weighty nature, come only from God in Heaven.  He was the one who could truly understand your suffering.  The pain, as He died on the cross, was far beyond what anyone could imagine.  For in that moment he carried the whole weight of the world.

What I’m trying to meagerly express to you is, I’m sorry you didn’t see Jesus in me.  He was, he IS the only one who can do anything to mend your tired, beaten soul.  God forgive me, for not throwing you the life line you needed.

I promise.  I promise to rise to a new purpose.  Though small it may seem, it is quite lofty and of an eternal importance.  I promise to start tending to the sorrow of others by:

filling stomachs


scrubbing floors.


Your Humbled Friend


Thank you for hearing my heart on this topic. I want to share as a side note that God does use us at times to speak truth into people’s lives.  I know there have been many friends God used to point me in the right direction through their very wise words.  I just wrote this letter to poetically emphases the importance of loving through our actions and how powerful that can be!

Friends, may this be a wonderful time of year where we look beyond the presents and the busyness of fun activities, and start showing hurting people, the comforting love of Jesus.  What better way to celebrate Him?




4 thoughts on “I’m Sorry

  1. Molly, thank you for your heartfelt letter.Yes, we can understand so much more of what our friends are going through when we have walked through suffering. God bless you and your family. May this Christmas season bring blessings and joy.
    Christy (Anja’s mom)


  2. You are a blessing Molly. Thank you for opening up in your time of hurt and not shutting those who love you out. ❤ my heart achs for you, yet in it I could find thanks for that time we were able to spend when the boys were just babies. And seeing you grow spiritualy and bloom in love and grace.


    1. Love you Jen! Thank you for your encouraging words and I will always remember your visit as such a special time for me too! You brought sunshine to my dark time when you came and spent time with me!


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