Makeup for the Busy Woman {Maskcara Beauty}

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Today I’m going to share with you all about a makeup company that will rock your world when it comes to applying makeup (no joke!).  Let me tell you, getting to do a sponsored post with Maskcara Beauty was like a dream come true! Seriously! Especially after I watched this video which is so sweet and touching.  I knew you all would totally connect with this company like I did.

Maskcara Beauty was started by a makeup artist and blogger named Cara.  When I started reading her blog, I connected with her desire to make women look naturally beautiful. There aren’t that many makeup artists out there like this!  I also love her “Makeover Mondays”where she posts a before and after photo of a woman she has applied makeup to and details what she did. Scroll down if you want to see my “Makeover Monday” using Maskcara Beauty! 🙂

When Cara started her company, she created a whole new way of applying makeup.  It’s called HAC which means Highlight and Contour.  Basically instead of applying foundation to your whole face first, you skip the layer of foundation and go straight to the Highlight and Contour.  But you still get full coverage! You might be saying…”whaaattt???” right now, but keep reading.

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First, let me tell you about the products I was sent:

  •  The  IIID Foundation palette in light which contains four creamy products: a contour, a highlight (which is basically a foundation & concealer), a blush (which can be used as a lip color too), and an illuminator (basically what we would call a highlight).
  • the 30 second HAC brush which is a double ended brush that can be used to apply everything in the palette! This brush is beautiful, and I love the fact that it saves on the number of brushes you need for your face.
  •  IIID perfector. This is a “beauty blender” used to blend everything seamlessly on your face.  I have not tried a beauty blender but I did try the real techniques sponge.  Can I say, I love the IID perfector way better! It creates way less drag on the face as it softer.  Also, the shape of it seems to be a lot better for applying to the face.

These are the only products you need to do a full face of makeup (just add eye and brow makeup as well as setting powder)!  Here’s my before and after photo using my IIID palette. I’m pretty sure this makeup speaks for itself…





Isn’t it so glowy and brightening? I love the beautiful tone and color of the products in this palette.  What I also love about the IID palette is that:

1. It cuts down on the time of applying makeup.

With the IID Palette you can do your WHOLE face in five minutes or even less. I can not over emphasize how amazing this feature is!  This is ideal for busy moms, working women, students, EVERYONE.  I am loving using this palette on the days I do my house cleaning business because I am always pressed for time. With getting Emma off to school and Cole off to my parents, I often skip applying makeup.  But when I take the time to do my face, I feel so much better and more put together.

2. Less products are needed.

I took my IID Palette on an overnighter with my family, and it was amazing to not have to bring a bunch of makeup like I normally would.  Here’s all I brought:


If you travel a lot or like to apply your makeup on the go, this palette would fit so easily in your purse or carry on.  I love that I can easily bring it with me ANYWHERE.

3. You can’t beat the cost.

With this palette you are basically getting foundation, contour, concealer, blush, lip color, and highlighter for $45.  I mean that’s a fabulous deal. My regular foundation alone costs about that much.  So this is definitely a money saving product which you all know I love!

4. It takes the thought out of applying makeup.

For the average woman, I think I’m safe to say, that you don’t want to put much thought into applying your makeup.  This is exactly how I feel on the days that I work.  I don’t want to spend forever trying to get all my makeup products out and picking out colors. I just want to look presentable and head out the door. On the weekends, I like to spend more time on my makeup, creating different looks if my two little monkeys will let me! HA

Ok so now that you have an idea of how amazing this company is, pop on over to my youtube channel and watch how I apply Maskcara beauty.  This will give you a better idea of how it all works.  Also, click here if you want to read Cara’s post on how to HAC.

Lastly, I want to share with you a few insider tips I have to share with you all that I learned from applying the IID palette:

  1. Less is definitely more.  Unless you are wanting a full coverage look, you really don’t need a ton of product to apply to your face.  The highlight is nice to do a little heavier on breakout spots and then lighter everywhere else. The blush is very pigmented so a little goes a long way (which I love).
  2. If you have oily or combination skin, you will definitely need a powder to set this because it’s a cream foundation. (Because of my combination skin and the fact that this is a cream product, I do have to say, it’s not really long wearing on me.)
  3. Definitely get the IID perfector because this will blend everything nicely.  A cream product needs a little more blending to look seamless. Plus you can use it to set your under eye, chin, and the creases of the nose.
  4. If you are having trouble finding what color you are, Maskcara beauty encourages you to email them a photo of yourself and they will help you pick out the right shade! Isn’t that so helpful?

I thought this was the perfect time to share about this company because can I say…CHRISTMAS WISH LIST.  Yes, this would be a fabulous thing to get AND to give to your friends.  I am eyeing this limited edition blush for myself!

Thanks friends for letting me share with you about this amazing company. If you have any more questions about this product, feel free to shoot me an email! I love chatting about makeup, and even more, I love connecting with you all!









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