Christmas Photo Shoot


Merry Christmas lovelies!!! I am so excited to share with you all our Christmas family photos we had done by Christina Knightley.  She did a fabulous job, capturing my little squad’s quirks, goofs, and love we have for each other.  I’m linking her photography Facebook page for you all to check out.

It was a chilly, chilly Sunday when we took these photos and the kids were troopers. It helped that I fed them right before the shoot with McDonald’s (mom guilt). I also may have bribed them with a cupcake afterwards, made by Grandma.

We took these shots in Mount Vernon, and I love the casual city look it created.  The waterfront area was actually a place I had been dreaming of doing a shoot at.












I thought it might be fun to share with you all what the kids and I have been up to this Christmas Season.  Here’s some little memories thus far:

  1. I conquered my fear and went to get a Christmas tree with just the kids and I. Every time I do something by myself, it’s another confidence boost, like yes, I CAN! I was NOT brave enough to cut one down by myself though.  Maybe next year HA, if I have 5 hours to spare.  Ya’ll seen my tiny arm muscle?
  2. I bought this new Christmas cd by one of my favorite artist, Josh Garrels.  I was not disappointed with how amazing it is. This guy is seriously talented, and very sincere. My favorite song is “Shepherd’s Song“, mmmhhh speaks to my mother’s heart.
  3. Emma had her pre-k Christmas program, and of course she was adorable especially in her beautiful red dress.  I made mashed sweet potatoes for the potluck, and it looked like a pile of orange interestingness. Thankfully it tasted good! Why do yummy things look so unappetizing sometimes?
  4. I was given a bunch of Christmas decorations from my friend Gloria. She didn’t need them anymore and wanted to pass them on to me.  What a blessing! She even gave me garland that fit perfectly down my stairs.  It’s pretty fun to have stairs to decorate this year!
  5. Another friend of mine, Jeanne, gave us the perfect gift for a busy mom like me! She made gluten free Christmas cookies and sent them home with us plain, so that Ems and I could decorate them at home. It was so nice to be able to jump right to the fun part. I definitely suggest this idea for mom’s who have young kids.
  6. The kids and I watched White Christmas which is one of my favorites.  Now all I have left for Christmas movies is to watch Serendipity.  It isn’t technically a Christmas movie but pretty close! Who doesn’t love John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale in this? It makes me want to visit New York someday and go to Serendipity 3 (the cafe in the movie) for a frozen hot chocolate. Yum!

What’s been your favorite Christmas memory this far? I would love to hear! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, and I hope you all have a wonderful Merry Christmas. May you enjoy time with your family and be reminded of the wonderful gift of Jesus Christ.  His birth into our needy world, changed everything!



 & Emma + Cole 🙂



16 thoughts on “Christmas Photo Shoot

  1. You have such beautiful kiddos!! You are SO brave and strong!! Loved this post my dear. Merry Christmas 🎄✨💕


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