8 Ways to Save Money on Makeup Products

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Hi Lovelies! I’m staring off 2017  on Lovely You with a post that I’m really excited about! I think this will be a helpful one. I hope!  We all like saving money and especially on makeup products. They can be so darn expensive and many of us just can afford to spend a lot on this area of our lives (Any other hands raised??).  So for this post, I’ve rounded up eight ways you can save money on your makeup products. Let’s dig in!

1.  Know what to spend the most money on.  When it comes to makeup, I feel like foundation is the top product you want to invest in, as it covers your whole face. Also, it’s worth it to be a little bit more picky on powder (especially for oily skin), concealer, and eyeshadow.  Things like lip color, blush, brow products, and mascara you don’t need to worry so much about. Also, it’s very easy to get afford makeup brushes. I love the E.L.F. brushes.

2.  Another way to save money on makeup is to multitask products! What do I mean by this?  Well, a lighter bronzer works awesome as a transition shade for eyeshadow.  Highlighter can be used to brighten the brow bone and inner corner of the eye.  A cool brown colored eyeshadow can be used to color in your brows (stick to a cool brown as our eyebrows are naturally a cool color).  Visa versa, I have used my brow powder as a pretty neutral crease shade for my eyeshadow. Concealer works great as a prep for your eyelids (no need to get a primer) just set them with powder for long wear before applying shadow

3.  Ok, this a big one for me! Did you know that many stores let you return opened beauty products?  Yes! This tip has saved me so, SO much money!  One trip to Rite Aid, I bought three different concealers to try. I didn’t like any of them and returned them all, no questions asked.  I found this article that gives a full list of stores that let you return beauty products.  They didn’t list Bartells, but I have definitely had no issue returning beauty products there. They list Target as a possibility, but I wasn’t allowed to return an eyeshadow pallet to Target.  The employee said it could only be returned if I had an allergic issue (I just didn’t like how the colors swatched).  And for all you stinkers out there, this doesn’t mean you should go out and buy makeup products, use them as much as you can and return them! That would be called being dishonest! Whew got that off my chest 😉

4.  Opt for a travel size or mini product set if you can’t afford the full size product.  I am mainly talking about this in relation to high end beauty products and skin care.  Ulta actually has a page on their site dedicated to travel size products.  Also, makeup gifts or makeup sets is a great thing to search on ulta, macys, nordstrom, and sephora.  We all know makeup lasts a long time for most products, so there is no waste buying it in a smaller size! I don’t know about you, but I like to have a lot of variety in my makeup.  I’m ok with a smaller size product, if it means I have multiple options.

5.  Birchbox and Ipsy are a fabulous way to find products you like for a small amount of money.  It only costs $10 a month and you get five products to try.  I did birchbox for awhile and that is where I found my favorite exfoliator.  The trial size I got in my birchbox actually lasted me for good amount of time.

6.  Check out www.hautelook.com. This is an off shoot of Nordstrom Rack which means they get high end beauty products for a lot lower than what you would normally pay.  The products only stay on the website for a few days, and then they are gone. I’ve seen Stila, Butter London, and St Tropez on there since I’ve been watching their site the last few weeks.

7.  This leads me to my next tip.  Sign up for email newsletters for the makeup companies you are interested in.  This way, when they have a sale, you will be notified.  I did this with haute look and now I get to see each week what products they  have.  I have to make a word of warning here-this can cause a temptation to buy too often when you don’t have the money in your budget.  An idea is to create a separate email address for stores and then when you have a little extra money, that is when you check this email for deals.

8.  This may not sound like a way to save money on makeup, but stay with me here.  Download the walmart app and sign up for Ebates.  With the walmart app, every time you shop, if you scan your receipt on the “savings catcher” part of the app, you can get money back in the form of a gift card for walmart.  They give you money back, if they find a better deal on the products you bought at a different store.  I just got $6 back last time I did my grocery shopping.  This is something I can use to get a free makeup product at walmart (or if I’m being more responsible I could use it on baby wipes ha!)  Ebates is a company that gives you a percentage back in the form of a check when you shop at qualifying stores online.  A friend told me about this, and I probably wouldn’t have signed up if I hadn’t been referred by her.  I always wonder if things like this are a hox, but it’s not! You also get $25 each time you refer a friend (hint, hint, use my link above 😉

I hope you learned something new in this post!  Feel free to share in the comments, ways you have found to save money on makeup or skincare products.  I would love to hear!

I know it can be discouraging when you are on a tight budget, but I’m hear to tell you that I’m right there with you.  Sometimes it’s good to be reminded that, makeup is fun and all but the most important things in life are to love God and love people.  The joy and purpose we get in investing in those things, don’t fade.  They can’t be wiped off like makeup 😉  Love you friends!




One thought on “8 Ways to Save Money on Makeup Products

  1. I’ve returned several products to Target and haven’t had a problem! Crazy that you’re checker wouldn’t do it for you. I’d just try again another day or at a different Target. 😉
    I didn’t know about the Walmart app! I’m going to download that today… thanks for the tips! I’ve also been curious about Birchbox and Ipsy… I LOVE trial and travel sized products… I think someday I’ll sign up for one of the other. 🙂


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