Faux Leather Look & A Call to Pray

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It’s a new week, and I’m really having more fun shooting some outfit of the day photos.  This was my Sunday church outfit.  The kids and I drove by a school to snap these fun shots.  We really do “drive by” photos with Emma snapped in her carseat taking photos through the open van door.  It’s quite the crack up, but she doesn’t like getting out when it’s cold.  

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Boy was I cozy in this fleece button up coat.  It was so warm and snuggly, I could have worn it all day. I paired it with my faux leather joggers I got a while back on clearance at Guess factory.  These pants are a great piece to pair with a more fitted top, so I wore one of my go to long-sleeve tops, a staple item from Forever 21.  I have them in multiple colors.  The sweater is a fun, unique piece because it’s black on the outside and grey on the inside.  I love that the grey peeks out as an accent color, plus the short length hits right at the waist of the joggers.  These faux suede booties are definitely getting used because they go with almost anything!  Here’s the details if you want to check them out:

Faux Leather Joggers//: From Guess Factory (Similar from ASOS)
V-Neck Long Sleeve//: Forever 21
Booties//: Forever 21 (very close to mine)
Open front Sweater//: Gift
Fleece Coat//: Gift

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

On to a little different note, I wanted to share about something on my mind today. I’ve been wanting to combine Fashion + Faith into a single post.  I hope you can track with me here.

You know that churning aching feeling, when someone in your life, someone you love is far away from where they should be?  Your heart burns for them to return to the truth, to Christ, to what they know is right, but it feels like there is nothing you can do.

With all my heart, I want you to know that there is something you can do. It is to pray for that person.  I’m not talking about just saying a few little words like, “Dear God please help this person.”  I’m talking about praying from the depths of your being.  Pouring out your heart to God.  Admitting that their is a spiritual battle going on over this loved one’s soul, and you will not give up with out a fight.  Laying your body down on the floor, kneeling down in absolute desperation to the God of the Universe. Praying that He would intercede on your behalf-that’s the kind of prayer I’m talking about.

You know there is a story in the Bible I like to think of a lot in to relation to prayer.  Abraham was talking to God about Sodom.  This was a very evil city that the Lord was considering destroying, but Abraham was concerned for his cousin Lot who lived there.  Abraham asked God if he would spare the town if there were 45 righteous people. Then he asked God if he would save it if there were 40 righteous people. Abraham continued asking until he got down to saying that if there were only five righteous people, would God spare Sodom? I picture Abraham as a very persistent, tenacious man, knowing He was pressing his “luck” to keep asking for God’s mercy. But God’s answer was that if there were five righteous people, then He would save Sodom.

Well, long story short, there obviously weren’t 5 righteous people because God destroyed the city…BUT these few words are significant to me, “So it was that, when God destroyed the cities of the valley, God remembered Abraham and sent Lot out of the midst of the overthrow.” (Genesis 19:29) Abraham’s prayers were answered, in a different way than he asked for, but God remembered him; God spared Lot.

Our prayers have power. God wants us to be real and raw with him, to tireless come to him on behalf of those that need to return to him. And you know what, that is our job, our divine task.

We must not give up to despair or hopelessness, We must pray.

We must not give up to distraction, we must pray.

It’s not a concidence that you don’t feel like praying. You think the devil wants you to pray? He knows the power in prayer, but don’t give in to him.

A lot of times, I think we don’t receive things from God, because we give up, we don’t ask. God wants us to come to Him, to go the distance in our prayers and be patient. His time table is not like ours.  Often He wants to change us as we pray and persevere, as much as the one we are praying for.

That loved one may not come back to Jesus. Our prayers don’t always get answered the way we would like.  They have a free will, a free choice.  But you better be believing, that God will be knocking on their heart like crazy as you pray.  He will be sending opportunities their way to hear the truth, and you must pray that they will listen.

Today I want to encourage you, to commend you, to pray for that loved one in your life. They need you. There are eternal consequences at stake. This is how you can help them. The pull towards the world is so strong, but God is STRONGER.  There is always hope, no matter how far that person has gone, how much hurt and sin has built a wall.  God can break through it.  That’s what the gospel is all about. 




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