Your Perfect Pink Valentine’s Lipstick

Photo Feb 05, 2 28 03 PM.jpg

Well, we are just a week away from Valentine’s Day, and I thought it would be fun to help a sister out and give you 5 pink lipstick options to wear for the big day. Don’t worry I’ve got you bold lippie girls covered as well as you girls who love a good nude shade. I have a thing for pink lipstick and went through my collection to find the ones I thought would be perfect for Valentine’s Day. I don’t know why, but there’s something about how gorgeous and feminine a pink lipstick can look.
Here are the colors I picked. Are you excited to see which ones I chose when there are a sea of pink shades out there?  

Photo Jan 30, 1 10 05 PM.jpg

1. Wet n’ Wild Mega Last Lipcolor {Pinkerbell}
If you’ve been following my IG feed for a while, you know I love this line of lipsticks from Wet n’ Wild ever since my friend and fellow blogger gal, Jess, introduced these to me. This Tinkerbell shade is such a fun, hot pink shade. Doesn’t it make you think of barbie? Because it’s a matte color, it looks a little more grown up than Barbie. 🙂

Photo Jan 30, 1 19 17 PM.jpg

2. Wet n’ Wild Mega Last Lipcolor {Think Pink} First can I say, I love the name of this. Have you all seen Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn? It’s got to be my favorite movie with her in it. They sing this whole song about “Think Pink” and how they are going to bring the color pink back in style. Well let me tell you, pink is always going to be in style! This is the perfect cool toned, matte pink, It’s a little lighter shade then most of the other colors I picked.

Photo Jan 30, 1 24 17 PM.jpg

3. Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick {Wine and Roses} This is a fun shade because it’s the perfect pinky, red. It can kind of morph into being pink in some lighting and red in other lighting. It goes on very smooth and creamy. I would say this is the boldest and most unique shade from the collection of colors I picked.

Photo Jan 30, 1 33 49 PM.jpg

4. MAC Lipstick {Nouvelle Vogue} Here’s another matte lip color (can you tell I just love my matte shades?) This color I got in the Nutcracker Sweet lipstick collection as a Christmas gift. If you haven’t ever tried a MAC lipstick, then nows the time. I didn’t know what I was missing out on until a few months ago when I got my first MAC lipstick! Their matte colors really are top quality and beautiful to apply. This color is a pretty pink shade with hints of mauve and berry tones in it.

Photo Jan 30, 1 38 50 PM.jpg

5. Flower Beauty {Nude Narcissus} Here’s my-just barely there-pink shade. I started thinking about my friend Shannon who usually only wears nude colors and I thought, I better include a shade for girls like her! Though I swing towards the more bold shades, ever girl needs a few nude shades.  This icy, blush color would be perfect with a more dramatic eye look! I’m thinking a pretty brown smokey eye and wowza, this shade would be fantastic.

Photo Jan 31, 3 38 28 PM.jpg

Alright, so which one is your favorite? I wanna know! (p.s. I accidentally wrote tinkerbell instead of pinkerbell for the first swatch)  I hope I have given you some good options for your Valentines Festivities!

Wanna know what I’ll be celebrating this Valentines Day?

Photo Feb 05, 2 55 06 PM.jpg

Yep, definitely these two kiddos! We love to head to a coffee shop, bakery, or ice cream place on the weekends when I’m not working (get the trend…yummy sweets). I try to take them on a date once a week. It’s a fun event we all enjoy. When we go to some place new, we call it going on an “adventure” and Emma has started asking, “Mom can we go on an Adventure?” I love it.

One thing I have been learning about this season in my life, is finding joy and contentment right where I’m at. No, I won’t be celebrating romantic love this Valentine’s Day, but that’s ok. I’m not going to whine and complain about it because God has given me such a beautiful life! I feel the freedom to still celebrate Valentine’s Day because I’ve learned that there are many different kinds of love I can appreciate. There is the love we have for our children, our dear friends, our family, and most importantly the ultimate gift- Jesus. Those all deserve to be celebrated!

I’m just going to enjoy where I’m at in life at this point. I’ve already started celebrating Valentines by buying myself some flowers. A few months ago, I finally gave myself permission to buy flowers every once and awhile, and it’s been the best decision!

Photo Feb 06, 1 40 26 PM (1).jpg

So if I could encourage you with the upcoming Valentine’s Day festivities, I would tell you just look around you, and thank God for the love and relationships He has placed in your life. It’s no use wishing and whining about what you don’t have. There will always be the myth of the greener grass but it’s an endless chase that sucks all the fun and joy out of life. Trust me, I’ve experienced this struggle with contentment over and over again.

I have this little sign in my kitchen that says, “Today I choose joy.” It sits right next to a funny picture of my sweet babies. It’s a great reminder to me each morning to check my attitude and make a choice to live with joy and gladness in my heart. So this Valentines Day, I’m going to be hugging my babies and choosing joy! I hope you will find joy this Valentine’s too!Photo Feb 05, 3 13 27 PM.jpg



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