How to Have a Happy Closet (Part 1 of Style Series)


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My goodness!  I have been meaning to get this up sooner, but the sickness I thought was out of our house, decided to hit me.  It was definitely not a fun one. I was on the couch with the kids binge watching “Dr Quinn Medicine Woman.” Am I the only one who loves that show from the 90s? Well, I’m hoping that with spring here and hopefully the weather changing, we will have no more sickness! Whew!

On to the first part of my style series. (If you didn’t read my intro, then stop and do that first!)  I titled this “How to Have a Happy Closet” because often our closets are NOT a happy place. They can be an exploding mess of chaos and sometimes we wonder if we should even dare to enter! Now I have to say, organizing is not a gift of mine, so we ain’t talking about that here. Just had to get that out of the way.  What I’m talking about is having a closet with too many clothes that we don’t even wear!

This is how you’re going to begin the process of forming a happy closet, and this is your homework! I love that I get to give you home work! haha It is to go through your closet, and don’t worry, I’m going to tell you how.  With spring here, it’s the perfect time to do this, a lil’ spring cleaning.  If you don’t do this step, then you won’t be able to move on to my next part of the series which is how to develop your own personal style. Why you ask? Well won’t you just have to read the next part to find out? See what I did there! 😉

Before you freak out and tell me, “But Molly, I would need like weeks, days, months, to go through my closet?!?” My response…Well YOU of all people better get started right now.  That means you are out of control! Ha…but seriously.

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Ok so this is how I would suggest going through your clothes: pick one drawer at a time.  It doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  These should be your guidelines for getting rid of things:

  1. Is it too small or too big? Sometimes we keep clothes because we think some day we will be able to fit into it. And let me tell you, that doesn’t really make our closet a happy place anymore. Instead it gets us frustrated because it’s another reminder that  we aren’t that size anymore. After I had my first child, Emma, I remember getting rid of a pair of jeans I just knew I probably wouldn’t be able to fit in again.  I was just entering into a different stage of life…and thats OK! Trust me you will feel better if you get rid of those clothes. Include your underwear drawer as well because there’s nothing that makes a girl feel real frumpy than undergarments that have holes or don’t fit right.
  2.  Is the fabric too itchy or too uncomfortable? Get rid of it! You know that wool sweater that you hate or that non breathable fabric you always sweat in? That’s what I’m talking about.  You want to look at your closet and think COMFORTABLE.
  3. Is this not my style anymore? This is probably the most important tip to follow.  I have found myself keeping things because it was in good condition, but I NEVER wore it. I felt like it was out of style, or I just never felt like “me” when I wore it. Do you know what I mean? If it doesn’t feel good to wear, get rid of it. 
  4. Is it an item I can’t wear this season? There shouldn’t be any clothes in your dresser or closet that are too chilly or to hot to wear right now.  Instead, store those items in a bin somewhere else.  This can really help with feeling great about your closet because then every item you have is able to be put on right then and there.  No more moaning and groaning about those shorts, that if you live in Washington you won’t be wearing for another 3 more months.

Ok now I have to share one little side note—There will, most likely, be things in your closet that you need to get rid of but it’s the only pair you have right now, like the one pair of yoga pants you have that are faded and worn.  That’s when you need to keep that item until you have the funds and have found the right piece to replace it.  I have multiple things in my closet right now that need the boot, but it’s all in baby steps to replacing these items!  It can be frustrating at times for me to wear something I know needs replacing, but it also is a great tool to know exactly what I need to buy next when I can.

Once you’ve collected up those items, you can thrift them, give them to a friend who might wear them, or send them in to a company like Thred Up (an online thrift store) to get online credit towards a new purchase! I’ve done this multiple times and I love how convenient it is because they send you a “clean out bag” to mail everything in. If you use this code then you get $10 to spend at Thred Up, and I do too!

As I started this process with my closet, I have been feeling more in control of it because I know what I have and what I need to add to it.  I am learning that it’s a continual process of getting rid of things, as I replace them with new pieces and continue to learn what feels like my style.

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I hope as you do this project, you’ll feel like your closet becomes more of a happy place and less cluttered, less stressful! Come back next time for “Developing Your Personal Style.” I promise this is going to be a super fun one and I can’t wait to share! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog if you haven’t yet! Thanks friends, and have a wonderful rest of your week!






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