Intentional Shopping (Part 3 of Style Series)

Photo Apr 08, 6 51 34 PM.jpg

Hello friends! We finally made it to the last part of our Style Series. Thanks for following along this far.  If you missed the beginning of this series, click here.  Today we’re chatting all about shopping and how to make it an intentional process, instead of quick impulse buys.  I know I’m guilty of buying things with out really thinking through if it was really going to work for my closet.  In fact, there are a number of mistakes I’ve been doing when it comes to shopping and maybe you can relate:

  1. Shopping with out having an idea of what you really need to add to your closet.

         Instead: Start making a list of pieces you want to add to your closet.  Then you can reference this when ever you need to.

    2.  Buying a piece of clothing just because it’s on sale or a good deal.

         Instead:  Take the time to think, a part from the price, is this a piece I LOVE.

   3.  Purchasing a lot of prints or “statement pieces” and not enough neutrals.

        Instead: Remember when you’re shopping, that great neutral pieces make up a great   wardrobe.  Even if it’s not as an exciting purchase, you will be glad you bought it when the outfit comes together stylishly.

4.  Only shopping in stores and never online.

    Instead:  Don’t underestimate the benefits of online shopping which gives you more time to think about a piece and more choices, to find an exact piece you need from your list.

Photo Apr 08, 6 53 51 PM.jpg

And speaking of online shopping, this fun cozy sweater is from the new online boutique I just heard about called So Modish.  I love the side slits and oversized style.  I wish you could feel how soft it is! I am always cold so even though it’s spring, I will for sure be wearing this for a while longer.  In fact, fun fact (or should I say weird fact?) one of my favorite places to sit in my house is by the heater, and yes I was meant to live in a warm climate for lack of body fat. HA! Unfortunately this exact sweater is out of stock right now, but you should definitely check out this boutique! I even have a discount code for all my wonderful readers, lovelyyou15 for 15% off your purchase, and I love that they always have free shipping.  Here’s another pieces I have been eyeing, this chocker tunic, perfect for Spring time!  But ya’ll have to know that I definitely “Intentionally Shopped” with this piece.  I actually took a few days before I finally put the order through.

Well friends! This has been a great series to share with you all.  I hope you have learned some helpful tips.  I have had two friends tell me they started going through their closet, after reading this series!  That makes me so happy that I can be a tiny part of your style process. I love this platform and being able to help in some small way.  Have a wonderful week you all!

Photo Apr 08, 6 53 52 PM.jpg





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