Mother’s Day for Single Moms feat. JES Designs


With Mother’s Day fast approaching, I think it’s common to hear or read encouraging words to mothers.  But I feel like there is a voice that needs to be heard, to be touched and that is the voice of the single mom.

Being a single mom is not something I’ve really talked about on my blog.  I am not divorced but have been separated from my husband for a few years.  Though I don’t feel fully equipped to share words that might inspire, might lift the spirits of these mom’s, I feel led to do so nonetheless.  I guess, who better to understand than someone else in the trenches of the single parent life?  


First, I want to say to all the single mom’s out there, YOU ARE DOING A GOOD JOB. I listened to a podcast today and the speaker said, “I think single moms and dads will be the heros in heaven.”  Those words touched my heart dearly, almost making me cry.  I hope they touch you too. I know in our spirits, sometimes we just crave to hear that we are enough.  We get filled with doubts about how well we are doing, as we carry the heavy load of being everything for our children. We feel regret about how we became a single parent, wishing we could go back and do things differently.  Don’t let those thoughts weigh you down, for condemnation is not from God.  If you need to confess some things to God, do that, and move forward. Walk freely in His grace.


Though, there are so many lonely nights and days where you may feel like the burdens of responsibility are too much, remember that you are not alone.  I have begun to realize that God wants me to see him as I would see a husband:  as my Provider, my Leader, the Lover of my soul.  Remember this verse, “It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you.” (Deuteronomy 31:8)


And mommas, I want you to look back and remember “from whence you came.” I can imagine that there have been some pretty hard days you have walked through, days you felt like were a walking nightmare of a broken heart, but you made it.  God carried you.  I recently received some beautiful jewelry from JES Designs, and one of the pieces was a necklace with Washington State on it.

Molly-Molly-0006.jpgIt made me think back to the first few days of my separation when I flew back to Washington to live with my parents.  Those days were very very heavy, filled with countless tears. Now as I stand here on the other side of almost 2 1/2 years, I see myself as a stronger, deeper woman ONLY and ALL because of Jesus.  Never would I think I would be writing here on a blog, encouraging other single moms. But here I am, and I feel so fortunate to lift you women up.


Single mommas, on Mother’s Day, I want you to celebrate, jump around, do a happy dance, thank God for walking with you this far.  You have made it to today and you will surely be able to make it farther.  Happy Mother’s day mommas! You are a hero.


If you loved the jewelry I was wearing in this post, then you will want to check out this company and etsy shop, JES Designs.  Julie, the owner, lovingly designs and creates all these beautiful stone and metal pieces (and she is the sweetest!).  They are truly, stylish, one of a kind pieces and would make a great gift for any woman, or to even treat yourself!

The pieces I am wearing: Honeycomb Stud, Adjustable Bracelet RingWashington Necklace, and the white stone earrings are sold out but here is a similar pair.

My outfit: Top (can be worn off the shoulder too!) and Jeans .

All my photos were taken by Sandy of Island Mom Photography.  She did an amazing job, and I was blessed to work with her on this project!




10 thoughts on “Mother’s Day for Single Moms feat. JES Designs

  1. Really good job on your new post. You are a good writer! And the pictures turned out great! Love, mom

    Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


  2. Molly, Happy Mother’s day to you. You are beautiful inside and out. Our precious LORD is so big, He can be a Husband to both single moms and those of us who are widowed as well as any other woman needing a Husband. And did you notice what a perfect Husband He really is?


  3. We are enough individually! I know this because on the list He (Jesus) died for, my name is not excluded! He thought I was worth dying for. Who else would have done that in His place? It is tiring sometimes Molly, but you are enough!


  4. Thank you for your wise words. God Wants us to depend on Him – He is always there for us – our constant companion. Happy Mother’s Day!


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