Adventuring with the Kids

Photo May 22, 1 16 42 PM.jpg

Hello Friends! I’ve got a different type of post for you today. I wanted to share about my trip to the Bellevue Botanical Gardens with my kids. I am always looking for fun, new affordable places to take my kids on a day out.  This place happens to be free admission AS WELL as free to park.  In my book, that’s a major win!

We happened to head out to the gardens on an amazing day. It was 80 degrees, and ya’ll know in Washington, we don’t get that much heat.  So it was the perfect day to be outside. I absolutely love the warm weather, and this skinny girl soaks up sun whenever I can. ha!

Photo May 22, 1 17 05 PM.jpg

We started out at the gardens by heading to their little coffee stand inside a remodeled house.  The house was the former home of the couple who donated this land to the city of Bellevue.  I was pleasantly surprised that they had Sleepy Monk Coffee which comes from my old stomping grounds of Cannon Beach, Oregon.  This is where I went to Bible school for 2 years. So with my iced americano (Really well made by the way, and yes, I’m picky with my coffee!) and the kid’s Italian soda, we headed out to walk around the gardens.

Photo May 22, 1 57 31 PM.jpg

Photo May 22, 1 27 39 PM.jpg

Photo May 22, 1 39 05 PM.jpg

We saw all different kinds of ferns, rhododendrons, and other plants.  The garden was definitely not “perfectly manicured”, but I noticed that it is run by volunteers (which is pretty cool!) And it did not bother me at all. It really is a beautiful spot.

This place is the ideal outdoor adventure with little kids because the farthest we went from the coffee shop, that had a drinking fountain and bathroom, was about ten minutes. It was perfect for their little legs, and the kids did so well walking for at least an hour!Photo May 22, 1 33 57 PM.jpg

Photo May 22, 1 28 30 PM.jpg

I loved the history behind this place, how a couple donated their home and property to Bellevue to be turned into a garden. There was a little sign as we walked around that said many of the rhododendrons in the garden had been grown on their kitchen window sill. Now they have turned into huge plants that everyone can enjoy, and for free! What a cool heritage to leave for others.

Photo May 22, 1 26 28 PM.jpg

Photo May 22, 1 27 03 PM.jpg

The kids really had a blast, and I think the icing on the cake was the suspension bridge we got to walk over.  They had never been over one before. I was surprised they weren’t afraid at all to be up that high, but they enjoyed tromping over the other side.

Photo May 22, 2 36 28 PM.jpg

We will definitely come back to this beautiful spot again! I hope that this might inspire you to get outside this summer where ever you live and enjoy the great outdoors!  If you live local, you should definitely put the Bellevue Botanical Gardens on your bucket list for the summer! I’ve got some other places up my sleeve that I would like to share with you guys. If you like this kind of post will you let me know? I would love to give you all more ideas of places to go that are kid friendly and inexpensive this summer!



Photo May 22, 1 59 33 PM.jpg

Photo May 22, 1 46 45 PM.jpg


4 thoughts on “Adventuring with the Kids

  1. It was awesome seeing pictures of the gardens in the sunshine! 🙂 My husband took me there for my birthday last year, but since my birthday is in January, it was dark and drizzly. Still beautiful, but completely different. 😉 And we didn’t get coffee! Now I want to go back! 🙂


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