Pink Blush Tropical Dress

Molly summer 2017-Molly summer 2017-0035.jpg

Today I’m bringing you a fun collaboration with Pink Blush.  I feel so honored to work with them on this post! Pink Blush is a shop for women in whatever stage of life they are in.  They offer pieces that can be worn from pregnancy, through nursing, and beyond.  You all know how much I love versatility.  Now if only I had know about this company when I was pregnant with my kids or nursing!

Now let’s talk about this dress! It is a stunning, summertime piece perfect for any more dressy occasion. I’ll probably be wearing it to church. I don’t have any other special summertime events coming up, but you better believe I’m wearing this dress again!  It is light weight and doesn’t get wrinkly. This is win for me because I despise ironing! I grew up ironing EVERYTHING, yes including jeans. Now I try to boycott ironing as much as I can. HA!

One thing I love about a wrap dress is that it is flattering on almost all figures.  And technically this dress doesn’t actually wrap. It just has an illusion of a wrap dress which is great because no one wants to be fidgeting with a dress to make sure it doesn’t expose you…reminds me of the one time my daughter accidentally opened the target dressing room door when I was trying on swimsuits….Yes it was terrifying, and I almost had a heart attack. Thankfully I don’t think anyone saw me, but I don’t want a repeat of that! All that to say, this dress has got you covered! 😉

Since Pink Blush creates pieces you can wear all throughout motherhood this dress can be worn if you are pregnant or nursing or not like me! Credit the stretchy fabric for making it so versatile.

Molly summer 2017-0031.jpg

Molly summer 2017-0061.jpg

Molly summer 2017-0010.jpg

Molly summer 2017-0044.jpg

Molly summer 2017-Molly summer 2017-0004.jpg

Molly summer 2017-0015.jpg

Molly summer 2017-0043.jpg

Molly summer 2017-Molly summer 2017-0019.jpg


So go check out their shop, and I’m sure you will find many things you love!  Here are a few other pieces that caught my attention: these earrings, these shoes, and this top. Aren’t they gorgeous?!?

All photos taken by my wonderful friend, Sandy of Island Mom Photography.





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