Summer Outfit Inspiration + Tips

Molly summer 2017-Molly summer 2017-0127.jpg

Hey ya’ll! Today I bringing you this SUPER easy outfit inspiration for when you want something just chill and comfy. Ya know, on those days you want to lounge on the end of a diving board like I did in this shot! 😉 Or maybe more like my everyday reality of running after two little children and working up a sweat! Yes, that sounds more like it. A few thoughts about this outfit and why it’s the ideal summer pick:

1. These shorts ($38 only size large left in stock) are stretchy, comfy, and perfect length for running around. I was cracking up the other day when I scrolled on American Eagle and saw that they had “shorties” and “midi shorts”. Let’s just say the “shorties” could have just been called bootie shorts and the “midi shorts” (shorter than the style I’m wearing) were normal! Anyways, these ones I’m wearing are a longer length and from Shop Stevie. I’m wondering why it took me so long to hear about this amazing clothing boutique created by Stevie who is a fashion blogger as well. Definitely check it out all the pretty but modest pieces.

2. Everyone’s got a white top and it’s so classic + matches anything.

3. The hat is perfect for those days when you’re feeling a little bit sporty, when you want a little bit of shade, or lets be real-you just don’t want to fix your hair. I saw this hat in G.H. Bass outlet and immediately got excited (and it’s only $15). Anything grey I love, and I like the more faded look of it as well.

4. The whole key to making this outfit pulled together are the sandals which I bought years ago from Payless. Once read in a fashion book written by a blogger that she chooses only to wear flip flops to the beach or the pool because of how they dress down an outfit.  I really think that this simple, neutral outfit would have looked pretty drab with them. Try ditching the flip flops for sandals and you’ll notice how a look begins to pull together much quicker.

5. The aviators from So Modish Boutique (use my code Lovelyyou15 for 15% off anything) just add the “cool” factor to this look.  It’s funny because YEARS ago I had this exact same style of sunglasses, but I had gotten them from the guys section at Pac Sun. I loved them, but eventually they got scratched and I threw them out.  Well the good old saying, what goes around comes around, and now you can see mirrored sunnies everywhere.  They are just so fun, and I kind of like the imitation factor they emit, that people can only see themselves in them when they are talking to you. Kind of like an interrogation room. DUN DUN DUN!!!… Haha

6. Last but not least I’m wearing my Washington Necklace from JES Designs. Showing some love for my home state! It adds a little bit of interest to the neckline of a plain t-shirt but at the same time isn’t overly dressy for a simplified outfit.

Molly summer 2017-Molly summer 2017-0122.jpg

Molly summer 2017-Molly summer 2017-0129.jpg

Molly summer 2017-Molly summer 2017-0123.jpg

Molly summer 2017-Molly summer 2017-0150.jpg

Molly summer 2017-Molly summer 2017-0137.jpg

Molly summer 2017-Molly summer 2017-0118.jpg

All photos were taken by Sandy of Island Mom Photography.




7 thoughts on “Summer Outfit Inspiration + Tips

  1. I noticed that about your sunglasses when we were talking yesterday… it drove me crazy that I couldn’t see your eyes! 😉 They’re really cool, though. My summer “uniform” has been shorts, a flowy, patterned tank top, and a super long cardigan or vest with sandals. I’m with you on the flip flops… they’re only for the beach or pool… unless they’re super fancy!


      1. We wore these as lifeguards. Great for catching the mischief makers. Turn your head one direction and look sideways right at them. Worked every time. 🤣😎


  2. I love this V-neck white tee. It can get us very well got-up face and neckline, create a slimming effect! And the necklace and sunglasses complete this whole look.


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