Swimsuit Insecurites

Molly summer 2017-Molly summer 2017-0109.jpg

I feel like I do this every spring. I start thinking about summer and swim suit season and think to myself, “I’m going to work out so that by summer I have at least a four pack and look all toned in a swim suit.” But every summer rolls by and this never becomes a reality.  I end up sticking with my one pack (i.e. my tummy) and “chicken arms” (my term for my skinny arms). I can laugh at it as I write this, but I was reminded that summer is definitely a season, where insecurities about my body run a little deeper.  I think most women would agree. We look at pictures of other women and models and think, “If only I looked like that, THEN I would feel confident.” And I want you to know that even though I blog about fashion and pose in front of a camera, I still struggle with comparison. My blogging friend Emily, wrote a great post talking about this same topic.

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I know that insecurities can occur a little bit more after having kids too. I know I have struggled more. I mean our bodies go through some crazy changes after each child is born, and things don’t really ever go back to normal.  I chatted with two of my best friends about this, and they agreed with me that it’s hard after having kids to not feel discouraged.  It was really encouraging and comforting to know that I wasn’t the only one who sometimes feels insecure about my post baby body. 

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It can cut us even deeper when people say things to us about our appearance that really hurt.  I know I have memories from junior high (oh the dreaded junior high phase) and even more recently.  I think we all could share some painful memories.  One time when I was in beauty school, I was doing a lady’s hair and she asked if I was pregnant….I was not pregnant. Yes, it was a bummer, and yes I was embarrassed.

Molly summer 2017-Molly summer 2017-0098.jpg

All that to say, I think we have to get to the point where we realize that our confidence can’t be in our physical appearance.  I mean, lets face it.  There will always be someone prettier, skinnier, curvier, more toned….YOU NAME IT. There will always be things we don’t really love about our appearance.  But you know what, that’s ok (hey it makes us more humble!). It’s time to start believing that our confidence has to come in being who God made us to be and appreciating how He’s made us.  We are all different, created for a unique purpose.  When we find that confidence from God, it will be a deep rooted beauty that won’t fade with time.  And let’s face it, physical beauty is all downhill from here on out. I mean I’m getting closer to 30 and already have grey hairs, emphasize the plural use of HAIRS. Also, when I was sitting down the other day, I showed my daughter Emma that my thigh “jiggled” when I moved it. We both laughed and she said, “That’s because it’s  getting old!”  HAHA

Molly summer 2017-Molly summer 2017-0066.jpg

It’s time to stop taking ourselves so seriously. It’s time to stop worrying so much about looking perfect and what people think of us (their probably not thinking about us that much anyway).  It’s ok to have fun with clothes and makeup, you all know I do! But let’s focus our primary energy on loving others and on the purpose God has given each one of us.  That’s what I want to do. Besides, there are more important things in life, like laughing with your five year old about a jiggly thigh! 😉

Deets on this outfit: I can’t believe this is my last summer outfit to share with you all on the blog (insert crying emoji). Blue and White is so clean and crisp together, and this top is so so soft and light weight. The white jeans are high waisted so perfect to pair with a cropped top. Notice I wore a cami under the top so I won’t show any skin.  These sandals are very comfy, and I love the glitteriness on them!  Check out the links to these items: Cropped Top|High Waisted Denim|Sandals

Molly summer 2017-Molly summer 2017-0104.jpg

Molly summer 2017-Molly summer 2017-0081.jpg

Molly summer 2017-Molly summer 2017-0083.jpg
Molly summer 2017-Molly summer 2017-0084.jpg

Molly summer 2017-Molly summer 2017-0074.jpg

All photos were taken by Sandy of Island Mom Photography. She has helped my blog come to life!




6 thoughts on “Swimsuit Insecurites

  1. Love this post and that quote! I definitely struggle with this, too. I read a quote the other day that said,”comparison is the killer of joy.” It really sunk in and couldn’t be more true! P.S All of the pictures of you in the chair could be in a magazine! You look so pretty! 😍❤️


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