Patience to Wear the Necklace

Molly summer 2017-Molly Fall 2017-0084.jpg

I know the stereo type of someone into makeup would be that I sit for hours in front of the mirror. Well, no I don’t. I’m pretty quick most days-well you kind of have to learn how to do that as a mom (though in high school I definitely spent a long time getting ready). In fact, I’m a pretty expedient person now a days when it comes to getting things done or wanting to see results. It’s like when I check my abs a few days after working out for the first time, hoping to see something other than my post-baby pooch. I’m hoping I’m not the only one that does this! Well, lately I have been feeling like my word for this season I’m in is being patient. I literally had to look up the definition of this word because I realized I didn’t know the heart of the meaning and found that it is being “able to accept or tolerate delays, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.”

Molly summer 2017-Molly Fall 2017-0088.jpg

There are small and bigger forms of patience in my life.  I practiced patience as I left my new jewelry from JES Design’s fall collection sitting on my dresser, anxiously waiting to wear the pretty pieces out of the house, until after I did my photoshoot. It was well worth the wait because I am always pleased with the one of a kind and beautiful look of this jewelry. I feel like I am wearing “a little bit of nature” as most of JES Designs’ pieces are hand made from natural stones or gems. I am wearing this Labradorite Stone Bar Necklace and these Labradorite teardrop earrings in these photos. They are both very elegant pieces that can be worn with so many different colors. Grey is my favorite color, so I know these will get worn for years to come.Molly summer 2017-Molly Fall 2017-0094.jpg

Molly summer 2017-Molly Fall 2017-0064.jpg

There are also really challenging forms of patience I have been learning to practice, like in my role as a mother. The last few weeks have been challenging dealing with my son’s newly diagnosed (mild) asthma that got worse with the smoke in the air from the fires in the PNW. It’s always more taxing dealing with a sick child and even more as a single parent. My little monkeys have also being struggling with going to bed at night, and I think every momma would agree that bedtime can often be a parent’s worst nightmare. But this is a great way for me to learn patience. Little did I know that a few weeks ago when I wrote the words, “Love is Patient” on my chalkboard, that God was going to test me in this area.Molly summer 2017-Molly Fall 2017-0062.jpg

I’ve realized that having the ability to wait in a difficult season is hard, but learning patience in the midst of waiting is even harder. I don’t want to live my life enduring difficulties with a bad attitude and trying to just grit my teeth through it. I want to thrive and have joy in the midst of difficulties and enjoy the special moments that come with it. Can I get an “Amen” from ya’ll? This is what life is made up of, and if we are only going to wait for the good moments, we’ll miss the really great moments in the midst of trials. I hope this encourages you as we dive into a new season of Fall and a new schedule for a lot of us. Blessings to you all!

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P.S. All photos were taken by Sandy of Island Mom Photography. This post was done in collaboration with JES Designs.





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