Fall Vibes

Molly summer 2017-Molly Fall 2017-0013.jpg

Can you believe that we had the first day of fall on Friday, and we are fast approaching October! My goodness, time flies especially when you have kids, and life is full. But I really do love this time of year. Some things I am looking forward to are:

  1. Getting some white pumpkins to decorate the house (any one else love them!?!)
  2. Lighting candles, especially my soy burt’s bees candles. I have this one and this one.
  3. Taking the kids to a pumpkin patch. We will probably just buy little pumpkins or paint bigger pumpkins (which I saw on pinterest) because carving is a little too challenging for me to do by myself with two kiddos!
  4. Trying to make a gluten free, dairy free version of Starbuck’s pumpkin scones. I just love those scones, so I’m hoping this recipe will turn out well!
  5. Wearing my beautiful JES Design’s jewelry. These three pieces are what I have on here-gold fringe earrings, opalite and rainbow moonstone earrings, and edged Brown Druzy necklace (it’s still available in black). They are each very beautiful pieces and I love how the gold pops against my black top.Molly summer 2017-Molly Fall 2017-0019.jpg

Molly summer 2017-Molly Fall 2017-0024.jpg

Molly summer 2017-Molly Fall 2017-0003.jpg

What are you excited for this fall? Second to summer, this is my favorite time of year! I loved doing these photos in a tree which I thought would be kind of magical and moody. I borrowed a step ladder from my dad and my photographer, Sandy, was gracious enough to help push me up the tree. haha! I’m kind of a wimp when it comes to heights and climbing things. Most of you are probably going to laugh when you see that it isn’t that high up! (You’ll see a behind the scenes photo at the end). But it was a little accomplishment for me. It’s so fun to plan and see a whole shoot come together. Each time I learn more and more about posing and styling. I hope you enjoy these! Happy Fall Friends! Molly summer 2017-Molly Fall 2017-0018.jpg

Molly summer 2017-Molly Fall 2017-0014.jpg



p.s. All photos were taken by Sandy of Island Mom Photography and this post was done in collaboration with JES Designs.



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