Makeup Tips for the Everyday Girl

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This post is for the girl that likes to wear simple makeup regularly but just feels like they are in a rut, like they have been doing the same thing for years. You want to get better and you see photos of girls with cute makeup but it just looks intimidating. Sounds like you? Read on for my tips that will help you get out of your funk. And FYI I am the girl that loves makeup but usually sticks with a very natural look besides the bold lip colors I like to sport regularly 😉

Tip #1 Start filling in your brows…TODAY.  This is probably my biggest tip because eyebrows really set the tone for your whole face and gaps or weird shaped brows can be distracting. It doesn’t have to be complicating to fill them in. I just use an angled brush and a neutral brown eyeshadow to fill them in. Right now I use this eye pallet (and the brown color right up from the black to fill them in).

Tip #2 STOP lining your under eye fully with black liner.  I see this over and over again and it really makes the eyes look smaller and harsh. If I even doing anything underneath, I prefer using shadow under the eyes and only go half way in. This creates a very soft, natural look. Sometimes for a bolder look I will use eyeliner underneath but very lightly and again, only half way in.

Tip #3 START using bronzer before you apply blush. It’s very simple to do, and it will define your face even more. I usually do it in the hollows of my cheeks, around the edges of my forehead, and below my jaw line with a bigger sized brush. I love this very inexpensive bronzer and the highlight powder is great for setting under the eyes.

Tip #3 Don’t be afraid to wear lipstick! This can be a HUGE game changer to your look. When you have your lips done, it will pull together your whole look. In fact, I often don’t take the time to do eyeshadow, but I usually will always do a lip color. Here’s a nude, mauve color I love that will go with anything. It’s one of my go-to’s!

I hope these little tips will help you out and inspire you to try something new. You’ll feel fresh and new if you just get out of your normal routine.




4 thoughts on “Makeup Tips for the Everyday Girl

  1. Great tips, my friend! I totally agree about brows and a lip color. If you only did those two steps, you’d look pulled together for sure… and especially with the help of concealer for those of us with normal skin. 😉


  2. I love your tips girl! I just started wearing bronzer all the time to give myself some color. Living in the PacNW I do not have any color. I also totally agree with the liner around the eyes. You look gorgeous in this picture and your eyes look so green!


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