Less a Hotel, More a Home

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My Mom and Dad always told me this, but it hasn’t been until recently that I finally  realized the truth of their advice (sorry it took me so long Mom and Dad!).  They told me how important it is for my kids to spend time at home, A LOT of time at home.  Now they weren’t encouraging us to be hermits, but that kids thrive when they spend the majority of their time in the comforting, and consistent environment of their home.  I’m starting to see the fruit of choosing this lifestyle.

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When November and December come our way, it seems like so do colds and the flu.  It’s hit us again this year, which means we are stuck at home more.  The funny thing is, I’ve noticed that my kids ENJOY being home.  They really don’t complain much about not leaving the house.  We still love our adventure days where we go do a fun activity together or run errands.  They always love going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house twice a week when I work, but I can tell they love being home.

Here are some added benefits I’ve been seeing of being home more:

  1. I’m able to keep up on cleaning and taking care of my house easier (though I still struggle with a messy house because-KIDS).  
  2. Consistent rest time/bedtime for the kids which means a break for mommy and less tired kids!
  3. Better meals together because I’m home to fix food more, not that I’m an amazing cook, but anything is a step up from frozen pizza in my book (though we do love our pizza!).
  4. More opportunties to connect with my kids through reading together, talking, and playing games. Right now both of my kids are loving this game, and even Cole can enjoy playing in his own little way. I also got them this magnetic block set for Christmas.  I am all for hands on activities.  It seems like that’s what the kids end up playing with the most anyways!
  5. Saving money on gas, going out to eat, and other activities. This is huge for me as a single momma!
  6. Overall I feel like my kids are happier and less grumpy when they are home more often.

Photo Dec 12, 9 40 37 AM.jpg


I feel like a house can easily be more like a “hotel” and less like a home.  I want my apartment to be a place were we create memories together, instead of rushing around all the time.  One way I love to create a cozy vibe in our house, which the kids enjoy too, is by lighting candles.  I just received a box from Vellabox which is an artisan and non-toxic candle subscription company (also a great Christmas gift!).

Photo Dec 12, 9 44 54 AM.jpg I’m all for more natural candles, so we will definitely be lighting this candle as we eat our less-than-gourmet-but-better-than-mac-n-cheese-dinner together.  Ok sometimes we might eat mac-n-cheese by candle light! Don’t judge! 😉

Photo Dec 15, 9 48 06 AM.jpg

I want to know if you enjoy being home with your kids and what activities you do together.  Are there any special memories or traditions you have made in the comfort of your home? Or maybe your kids are grown and you have some experience to share about being home with your kids. I would love to hear!




P.S. Vellabox sent me this product to share with you all. Thank you Vellabox! Also, isn’t my mini tree so cute from Cedar & Pine Boutique in Stanwood? If you have a small space or just want another tree in your house, this one is perfect! This little tree was also a gift from Cedar & Pine, and I’m so happy to be able to show it to you guys!




4 thoughts on “Less a Hotel, More a Home

  1. Loved this, Molly! It really resonated with me as a mom to 5 little ones. I have definitely seen the effects of being away from home too much! Thanks for the good reminder 🙂


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