Valentine’s Day & Heartbreak

Hey Friends! If you didn’t hear, I started a Youtube channel a week or so ago.  I just uploaded my newest video which is all about Valentine’s Day! Did you realize Valentine’s is just around the corner!?! Crazy huh?!? Come watch me put together a V-day inspired outfit as well as chat about heartbreak and the one person who will never let you down. Plus, I have the cutest little guests that will make an appearance! 🙂





Molly’s Gift Guide


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I have never done a gift guide on my blog, so I’m excited to do something new!  This year, I wanted to share with you some items I have that I love, or items I have been eyeing this year.  If you need a little help with your Christmas shopping OR your own wish list, then I’ve got you covered! I’ve even included coupon codes to help you save which means I pretty much have done your shopping for you 😉 Continue reading “Molly’s Gift Guide”

Makeup Tips for the Everyday Girl

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This post is for the girl that likes to wear simple makeup regularly but just feels like they are in a rut, like they have been doing the same thing for years. You want to get better and you see photos of girls with cute makeup but it just looks intimidating. Sounds like you? Read on for my tips that will help you get out of your funk. And FYI I am the girl that loves makeup but usually sticks with a very natural look besides the bold lip colors I like to sport regularly 😉 Continue reading “Makeup Tips for the Everyday Girl”

Before You Light that Sparkler

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Hey Friends! Happy 4th of July weekend! I love this time of year-fireworks, good food…need I say more? I was in need of a quick outfit I could pull together for a get together I am going to this evening. So I pulled out a blue and white striped top and threw on my favorite red MAC lipstick. It’s a red-orange color which I love because it pairs well with an olive skin tone. Anyways, I was happy that I didn’t spend any money on my 4th outfit. Total win for me! Continue reading “Before You Light that Sparkler”

Your Perfect Pink Valentine’s Lipstick

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Well, we are just a week away from Valentine’s Day, and I thought it would be fun to help a sister out and give you 5 pink lipstick options to wear for the big day. Don’t worry I’ve got you bold lippie girls covered as well as you girls who love a good nude shade. I have a thing for pink lipstick and went through my collection to find the ones I thought would be perfect for Valentine’s Day. I don’t know why, but there’s something about how gorgeous and feminine a pink lipstick can look.
Here are the colors I picked. Are you excited to see which ones I chose when there are a sea of pink shades out there?   Continue reading “Your Perfect Pink Valentine’s Lipstick”

Good Enough

So this is a little late in coming, but in August, it was the one year anniversary of when I started my Lovely You by Molly hair and makeup business.  I can’t believe how fast the year went!  It was an amazing year.

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I wanted to rewind a little bit to share my story of how I got started with my business.  You see, a few years ago, I would have never started something like this.  You want to know why?  The main reason-FEAR.  I have always been a girl who didn’t like trying new things because I was afraid of failure. Continue reading “Good Enough”