Patience to Wear the Necklace

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I know the stereo type of someone into makeup would be that I sit for hours in front of the mirror. Well, no I don’t. I’m pretty quick most days-well you kind of have to learn how to do that as a mom (though in high school I definitely spent a long time getting ready). In fact, I’m a pretty expedient person now a days when it comes to getting things done or wanting to see results. It’s like when I check my abs a few days after working out for the first time, hoping to see something other than my post-baby pooch. I’m hoping I’m not the only one that does this! Continue reading “Patience to Wear the Necklace”

Swimsuit Insecurites

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I feel like I do this every spring. I start thinking about summer and swim suit season and think to myself, “I’m going to work out so that by summer I have at least a four pack and look all toned in a swim suit.” But every summer rolls by and this never becomes a reality.  I end up sticking with my one pack (i.e. my tummy) and “chicken arms” (my term for my skinny arms). I can laugh at it as I write this, but I was reminded that summer is definitely a season, where insecurities about my body run a little deeper.  I think most women would agree.  Continue reading “Swimsuit Insecurites”

Summer Outfit Inspiration + Tips

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Hey ya’ll! Today I bringing you this SUPER easy outfit inspiration for when you want something just chill and comfy. Ya know, on those days you want to lounge on the end of a diving board like I did in this shot! 😉 Or maybe more like my everyday reality of running after two little children and working up a sweat! Yes, that sounds more like it. A few thoughts about this outfit and why it’s the ideal summer pick: Continue reading “Summer Outfit Inspiration + Tips”

Pink Blush Tropical Dress

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Today I’m bringing you a fun collaboration with Pink Blush.  I feel so honored to work with them on this post! Pink Blush is a shop for women in whatever stage of life they are in.  They offer pieces that can be worn from pregnancy, through nursing, and beyond.  You all know how much I love versatility.  Now if only I had know about this company when I was pregnant with my kids or nursing!

Continue reading “Pink Blush Tropical Dress”

Before You Light that Sparkler

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Hey Friends! Happy 4th of July weekend! I love this time of year-fireworks, good food…need I say more? I was in need of a quick outfit I could pull together for a get together I am going to this evening. So I pulled out a blue and white striped top and threw on my favorite red MAC lipstick. It’s a red-orange color which I love because it pairs well with an olive skin tone. Anyways, I was happy that I didn’t spend any money on my 4th outfit. Total win for me! Continue reading “Before You Light that Sparkler”

Mother’s Day for Single Moms feat. JES Designs


With Mother’s Day fast approaching, I think it’s common to hear or read encouraging words to mothers.  But I feel like there is a voice that needs to be heard, to be touched and that is the voice of the single mom.

Being a single mom is not something I’ve really talked about on my blog.  I am not divorced but have been separated from my husband for a few years.  Though I don’t feel fully equipped to share words that might inspire, might lift the spirits of these mom’s, I feel led to do so nonetheless.  I guess, who better to understand than someone else in the trenches of the single parent life?   Continue reading “Mother’s Day for Single Moms feat. JES Designs”